BBC tailor-made films

Life Education’s much-loved character Harold the Giraffe has been given a make-over by experts from the BBC, and will now be joined by two exciting newly-created puppet friends Derek and Kiki on his adventures, as they explore the key issues facing children today in four new films.

The puppets have been brought to life by puppeteers Phil Fletcher and Warrick Brownlow-Pike, the team behind CBBC’s Hacker & Dodge.

The films teach school children about self-esteem, drugs awareness, assertiveness and anti-bullying techniques, positive friendships and healthy lifestyle choices. The four films cover topics including:

  • Healthy Living and Friendship (Year 1)
  • Feelings & Being Left Out (Year 2)
  • Friendships and Conflict Resolution (Year 3)
  • Choices We Make With Our Friends (Year 4).