Planning a Visit

If you are planning a visit, please ring our office on 01258 837417 to discuss potential visit dates and requirements.  Alternatively, please complete a Booking Enquiry Form and we will contact you.

Once visit dates and requirements have been agreed, a Booking Form will then be sent to you via email. 

If required, a meeting can be arranged with staff at your school before the visit. This will give staff the opportunity to meet the Educator, find out about the aims and objectives of Life Education, the content of the programmes and to ask any questions.

The Educator will outline practical details for the visit and you will have the opportunity to advise the Educator of any particular requirements. The Educator will also need to check for an appropriate site for the mobile classroom which will require access to two 13amp sockets.

Plan your schedule: A proposed timetable for the visit will be sent to your school, which you will need to check with staff and amend if necessary in consultation with your Educator.

Shortly after our visit we will invoice you for the cost based on the agreed rate.