How we do it

Our fun and informative programmes equip children with the knowledge, skills and self confidence to form positive healthy attitudes.  By educating them about the effects and risks of eating badly, smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs, they feel empowered to make their own choices in life.

Children are shown how to overcome peer pressure and bullying and how to make their own choices about what they do.

We visit schools every year and build on the children’s existing knowledge of previous years so that they can move on to secondary school, confident that they can make informed healthy lifestyle choices and resist pressures to damage their health.



Our classrooms – a totally unique environment

Children find our classrooms a focused and exciting learning environment. Because our mobile classrooms are positioned outside the school building, they provide an environment that is free from interruptions and distractions.

A life size model of the human body known as TAM (Transparent Anatomical Mannequin) allows children to consider what happens to the things which they choose to eat or drink and breathe into their bodies. Moving human body modules light up to show the respiratory, digestive, nervous and circulatory systems in action. A brain also lights up as it talks to children.

Harold the giraffe is a superb teaching tool to engage younger pupils. We use Harold to consider issues such as medicine safety, eating a balanced diet and personal hygiene.

In-depth discussion is facilitated using age-specific programmes viewed on TV.  The footage ranges from interactive quizzes to scenes of bullying behaviour.