Ambassadors and Friends

Ambassadors and Friends are our eyes, ears and supporters on the ground, they are people with a keen interest in helping their local schools and communities recognise the need for Life Education and embrace and promote it as a service that can help to prevent a community problem.

There is a recognised need for Life Education and it is an excellent resource for schools, but few people know that we are a charity.  Ambassadors and Friends can help us to spread the word about what we do and how it can benefit local children and the wider community and raise funds to help us deliver the service.

Here are just some of the ways in which you can help:

  • ‘Spread the word’ – talk to family, friends, colleagues and teachers about our work
  • Provide leads and introductions to local schools that may be interested in a visit and companies and charitable trusts that may be able to support us
  • Collecting cheques on our behalf
  • Delivering or collecting supplies and equipment
  • Organise a fundraising event, from a simple coffee morning to an elaborate ball
  • Encourage individuals, organisations or companies to make a donation
  • Encourage local clubs and societies to consider making us a beneficiary of concerts, fetes or other events
  • Encourage people to do a sponsored challenge
  • Encourage people to use easyfundraising and easysearch
  • Sell Zippyzzz (zip tags)

Some more practical ways in which you can help are:

  • Providing a gift-in-kind service such as printing
  • Being ‘an extra pair of eyes’ when towers are delivering mobile classrooms to difficult or new school sites
  • Carrying out minor repairs to classrooms
  • Finding volunteers to help at events

If you would like to join one of our local groups, set one up in your area or just want to find out more about how you could help us raise our profile and funds in your local area, in the first instance please contact our office on 01258 837417.