‘Team Daly’ go the extra mile

Our Finance Manager, Andy Ede ran that extra mile on the 27th May at the Poole Festival of Running, in memory of his brother-in-law Pat Daly who passed away suddenly of pneumonia at the age of just 39 last year.

Pat always wanted to run a marathon. As he didn’t get the chance to do it, members of his family including brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews from age 6 up to quite a bit older, ran the distance of a marathon between them, in his memory.

Andy Ede said, “Pat was a keen runner, and took part in lots of running events across the area. As a family we have decided to run a marathon in his memory and raise money for charity”.

The run fell on one of the hottest days so far this year. “It was very hot and fast times were not going to happen, after the first 6k I was just wanting to get finished!  The sun and heat were draining.  But we all did our respective runs and all put in good times too which was an amazing achievement,” said Andy afterwards.

So far, their efforts have raised £1,200 and with Gift Aid it will total £1,500, which is just incredible!

Our thanks go to Andy and his family for their fantastic effort.

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  1. Lorraine Hewitt June 14, 2012 at 12:54 pm #

    What a fantastic effort, I bet Harold is delighted with this great news!

  2. KEITH MILLMAN June 14, 2012 at 6:21 pm #

    Andy ,what a great effort,we are very proud of you

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