To ensure a high level of service is maintained, the following guidelines will be adopted when preparing timetables. The approximate length of each programme is shown below.

Nursery 30 minutes
Reception 45 minutes
Year 1 60 minutes
Year 2 60 minutes
Year 3 60 minutes
Year 4 75 minutes
Year 5 75 minutes
Year 6 75 minutes

No more than 33 children per session.

We can deliver a maximum of 4 programmes per day.

A member of school staff, preferably the class teacher, needs to be present throughout each session.

Whole classes normally attend sessions in the mobile classroom. However, in Years 5 & 6, when the number of children exceeds 28 we strongly suggest that classes are split into smaller groups or we deliver LifeBase sessions.

A minimum of 10-15 minutes is required between sessions to allow time for children to safely enter and leave the classroom, and for educators to change resources, re-set programmes and comfort breaks.