School quotes

(Emotional Health & Well-being workshops/assemblies) “Fantastic assembly! Hugely informative and really encouraged the children to explore the feeling of happiness in more depth. The children left feeling content and positive. Thank you!”     Longfleet Combined School, Poole

“The sessions provided by the Life Education Van are taught through a variety of methods, including discussion, multimedia, music, physical resources, such as the body, plus pictures and puppets. All our class teachers report that learning in such a different environment really engages the children and supports the work currently covered in the PSHE curriculum, in addition to some aspects of Science.  The children thoroughly enjoy the sessions and staff feedback is always positive due to the focused learning which is specific and memorable.”     Headteacher, Corpus Christi RC Primary School Bournemouth

“I am very impressed with the personal care, professionalism and interactive style of Life Education. Vicki’s friend Harold the Giraffe becomes a friend to all as the children learn about their bodies, health and fitness. The mobile classroom uses modern electronic media and glove puppets imaginatively. May this key education for life flourish in Wessex.”     The Bishop of Sherborne, The Right Reverend Dr Graham Kings

KS1 – “The children learnt all about the important parts of the body and how it grows and how to keep it healthy.”…  This was a brilliant, fun and engaging experience for the children. They were all buzzing with excitement!”     St John the Baptist RC Primary, Dartmouth

KS2 – “Again, great rapport, very enthusiastic delivery with a range of teaching styles….  It continued on from work in class and went further into substance abuse.”     Barton Hill Academy, Torquay

KS2 – “Fantastically planned, covers things sensitively.”     Willand School, Cullompton

KS2 – “Often, the ‘bigger’ issues have greater impact when delivered by an external provider.”     The Topsham School, Exeter

KS2 – “An interactive teaching programme which brings learning to life for the children… Engages children and encourages them to develop awareness of themselves and the choices they need to make. Life Education and Eddie are a long standing aspect of our PSHE/Drugs education provision. Thank you!”     St Leonard’s Primary, Exeter

“Thank you! Great discussion and interactive session. Very relevant to the children. Please come back!”     Yr 4/5 Teacher, St Margaret’s, Torquay

“The children fully enjoyed this informative session—lots of issues to discuss later on.”     Yr 6 Teacher, Hayes Primary, Paignton

“The way the attention of the children was ‘grabbed’ was excellent – every child was enthused and included in the lesson.  Very worthwhile and relevant discussion took place.  Children felt it was an environment where they could be forthcoming and this made such a difference to the session.”     Countess Wear Community School, Exeter

KS2 – As usual the Life Bus experience helped the year 6 children address some tricky issues in a suitable manner.”     St Lukes, Bournemouth

KS1 Every year I am amazed at the skill of the Life education teacher for pitching the lesson so perfectly and keeping every child engaged totally for over an hour. It is a fantastic learning experience for us all including myself.”     KS1 teacher at Stoborough Primary, Dorset

“The proof that the Life Ed van works is in the amount of information that the children could remember from previous years.”     Yr 4 Teacher, Damers First School

“The children learnt so much and I know from last year that they will be talking about it for weeks!”     Yr 2 Teacher, Somerford Primary

“Several children who don’t usually contribute were keen to speak and join in.”     Wool CE First School

“Hello Harold, I have recently visited your life education van and really enjoyed it I love learning about the body and how it works I find it really interesting how the liver cleans out all the nasty stuff in your body and how that smoking affects your lungs and the tar turns them black. I enjoyed seeing you even though it wasn’t on our programme and we only saw you right at the very end I liked cim when I was younger but I didn’t see her on Tuesday. You were very cute and I would like to see you again soon if you start doing the life education van for year 7 & 8 next year please?????”     Email to Harold from Year 6 pupil, Durweston Primary School

KS1 – “Pitched exactly right to extend the children’s learning, very motivating.”     Riders Infant

KS2 – “Session was well delivered and thought provoking.”     Berrywood Primary, Southampton

“Excellent lessons. Very good links between scientific body systems, drug education and making healthy life choices. Thank you!”     Droxford Junior School

“Interesting and thought provoking.  The children were very gripped with mature questions and responses. Excellent!”     Berrywood Primary

“This was an extremely beneficial visit for my class to raise their awareness of substance abuse.  It was interesting for them to feel comfortable in asking questions, especially ‘slang’ terms of drugs.  This was a highly informative session and pitched very well indeed.  Y6 still loved Harold!!”     St Bede’s, Basingstoke

KS1 –  “Main focus for the session was on feelings. Children gained the understanding that they have a choice; that they do not have to follow others or do what their friends told them to do.  Karen created a safe and secure learning environment for the children, which resulted in them being eager to learn and fully taking part in the learning process. All children were praised for their contributions and made to feel valued throughout the session. Thank you.”     Milford Infants’ School

KS2 – “Really good session – chance for children to share openly and explore friendship issues.”     Priorswood Primary

KS2 – “Allowed time for children to talk about what they know/misconceptions/need to know.”     St Vigor & St John Primary, Chilcompton

KS2 – “Really pleased all children were included and their contributions were valued.”     Bishop Henderson Primary, Coleford

 KS2 – “Helen was absolutely fantastic with the children. Great at giving a balance between giving information and allowing children to discuss ideas.”     Stawley Primary, Wellington

“A super, interactive session where all the children were engaged and  enjoyed answering questions.”     Yr 1 Teacher,   Eastover Primary, Bridgwater

“Thank you— the rapid pace/change/range of activities and experiences is brilliant and had my very lively Reception children captivated.”     Countess Gytha Primary, Queen Camel

“A wonderfully interactive session delivered in fun and pacy style.  Children engaged and really excited!  Great use of drama as a vehicle into ‘tricky’ aspects of drugs. Thank you and can’t wait for next visit!”      Blackbrook Primary School

“There is no doubt that our attitudes, values and habits are shaped in childhood – consequently, our successes and health in adult life depend in large part on how good a start we get in early life. Coram Life Education recognises this and has helped thousands of children understand the what, why and how of healthy life choices. The approach offered by this charity is fresh and engaging, much appreciated by children, their parents and their schools and offers real value for money. It deserves all our support.”     Dr Nick Kosky, Consultant Psychiatrist, Dorset Healthcare University Foundation Trust

“I’d like to thank you for being so patient with my class. We visited you on Monday and they were quite wild, with 6 autistic children being quite hard for you to handle, but you did it really well. They very much enjoyed learning about their wonderful bodies; so much so that parents have said they talked of little else that evening!”    

“I am the Mum of 2 young girls attending Heatherlands First School, Poole and I gave up smoking because of Harold!”