About Us

Life Education Wessex works with children aged 3-13, parents and teachers to improve the health and to reduce the risk of drug misuse by young people.

Using stimuli-rich and interactive techniques such as puppetry and role play, children learn about the cause and effect relationships of issues they may face as they grow up, including:

  • Healthy eating
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Forming positive friendships
  • Valuing their own self- worth

The programmes offered by Life Education Wessex  help children to develop the ability to make positive choices about their health.  Age-appropriate facts throughout our sessions help children make informed decisions.  The children are empowered with the skills and self-confidence to put their decisions into practice.  The learning process is fun, capturing children’s imaginations and ensuring our work is memorable.

Specially trained educators deliver the programmes to schools across Devon, Dorset, Hampshire and Somerset in a fleet of mobile classrooms.

Parents and Teachers

Because of the critical role parents and teachers play in protecting children from encountering risky situations, we offer support and advice around subjects that can be difficult to address.